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Thank you Lin.


I am truly saddened to hear about John as some years back we struck up a friendship as we both had a shared interest in models and wine. He will be missed.


Best wishes


Patrick Quinn



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I don’t know how I missed it if it was mentioned here, but I read today in the latest Healey Marque about the passing of John Trifari. It saddened me. I didn’t know John well as we lived on different sides of the country, but when I was restoring my BT7 from 2002-2008 I often sought John’s advise and he was always ready to help. This email list is what made it all possible!


Ten years ago at the Winston-Salem Conclave I actually met John in person. He had just driven his 100 across country from California to attend Conclave. I was interested in using a throttle cable in my car rather than the Rube Goldberg mechanical linkage (sorry if I offend), and John had installed a cable in his 100. Actually,  I think David Nock installed it, didn’t you Dave? Anyway, John shared his thoughts about the modification and let me take some images of his car. Note the gauges that David Nock referred to in his eulogy to John found in the Marque.


John had also written an article in the January-February 2004 Healey Marque Magazine, or perhaps it was the Austin-Healey Magazine, about installing driving or fog lights in a Healey. I followed his instructions word-for-word in my installation.


I hate hearing about losing “Healey people,” especially the ones who so graciously assisted others - particularly the novices, like I was 10-12 years ago.

I think the best thing we can do to memorialize such people is to make the extra effort to help others even if it is the 20th time that you have been asked about how to take apart a trafficator or tune an SU.


Thank you John :-)


Lin Rose


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