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The description by the seller got a little scrambled, I think, but I believe he was saying the part was an "option" available only on French-spec cars.   From my efforts over the last 18 years to document all the BJ8s in the world, I believe the part was not an "option", but was another one of those requirements imposed by French law on automotive design, such as yellow headlamps, ignition suppression system, clear brake fluid reservoir, etc.  The distributor shield was likely a part of the ignition suppression equipment, which is noted on many BMIHT certificates for French-spec cars (only).  It's not on all of them, but that may also be because BMIHT is frequently inconsistent in the way they list (or do not list) the equipment installed on a car at the factory.  I can't imagine why only French buyers would "opt" (or would need to "opt") for ignition suppression equipment.


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