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Tue Dec 1 04:13:59 MST 2015


We toured the Microcar Museum in October 2012.  The car that sticks in 
my mind is the Isetta dragster, modeled after a Hot Wheels car.  The PEZ 
Goggomobil transporter was cool too.


Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 Mk I registrar

On 11/25/2015 09:11 AM, Peter Svilans wrote:
> Bruce
> I was curator of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum for thirteen years
> www.microcarmuseum.com <http://www.microcarmuseum.com> (click Virtual
> Tour), during which time we travelled around Europe collecting unusual
> small cars from small ads and relics stored in barns. We acquired the
> Hoffmann in the mid-nineties in its present condition as part of a
> container full. It had been offered for sale by the panelbeater who had
> just restored it (it was red originally) and had acquired it from the
> original constructor, Mr. Hoffmann. See my writeup here :
> http://www.microcarmuseum.com/tour/hoffmann.html
>   It was truly a horrible, horrible vehicle, the builder having got all
> basic design principles wrong.  But you have to give him credit for a
> whole lot of hutzpah in saying "to hell with everybody, I'm doing what I
> want !" Kind of like the Nasty Boyz (Healey content).
> It went to the Lane Museum when the entire Weiner Museum was sold off at
> the RM Auction in February 2013.
> Best
> Peter
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