[Healeys] ex-Competition BT7 re-emerges

Peter Dzwig pdzwig at summaventures.com
Thu Apr 30 15:52:09 MDT 2015


I agree it's a bit of an oddity really. It's a barn find so I guess it is what
it is, you pays your money and then you restore.

But you are right about the colours, they're rally colours from the period. I
think that BRG is a great colour for a Healey, for example.

The car doesn't look like it was built as a long-distance race rep, but it
doesn't really look like a rally car either. Just stripping a lot out doesn't
make it a race car and nor does a straight-cut box. That tank looks newer and I
would have guessed, is a bit small for any serious rallying and depending on
what the engine is tuned to might not last. I guess it is a sprinter that
carried most of its spares to the races, hence the rally-style boot.

I think that the Auction House is over-selling it. I guess that it's a
privateer's car and has probably never been anything else (not that there's
anything at all wrong with that). It's certainly not a lost works car as the
wording hints! But I think that the estimated price is probably about right,
given that you are going to have quite a bit to do on it.


On 30/04/2015 15:45, J. Armour wrote:
> Thanks Peter I always have an interest in 'period' race Healeys.
> But there is always the same question. If people want to replicate some or
> all of the 'works' circuit race cars ( BJ.7s & BJ.8s built by the Donald
> Healey Motor Company) why copy the BMC rally cars owned by the MG Car Co
> ??????????
> A 1960s period racer would be similar to John Chatham's DD300 which raced
> at Sebring initially and then as a private entry it was raced at LeMans
> prior to John having the time of his life with it. Note, never painted red
> & white and never with two spare wheels.
> Joe

Dr Peter Dzwig				

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