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One note on overflow bottles.
For a NON PRESSURIZED  coolant recovery system to work there must be a seal between the very top of the radiator neck and the cap.
The hose for non pressurized systems connect to the radiator above the pressure seal of the cap.
Many older caps have only a brass plate inside the top of the cap which will not seal effectively against the  radiator neck preventing adequate low pressure to develop in the upper portion of the neck  to draw coolant back up from the recovery tank.
Michael S
BN1 #174

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You can use any kind of container (Stainless steel, brass, plastic, glass) providing it has a screw top that can be drilled to receive a tube from the radiator overflow. The position of the overflow tank is not important so you can fit it low down well out of sight. Make sure the the hose/tube from the radiator overflow ends about a quarter inch from the bottom of the container. Also drill a small vent hole in the top. Make sure the radiator cap seals airtight, which usually means that you have to make up a thin stiff rubber/fibre washer between cap and radiator neck. Fully fill up the radiator and fill up the container about half full. Check and fill up regularly after the first few trips.

Kees Oudesluijs

Ross schreef op 29-4-2015 om 5:03:

The BN6 does not have a radiator overflow and leaves a big puddle in the garage after every drive.
My brother, the hot rodder, suggested a thin chromed overflow canister available at most rod shops and amazon. I am not sure if there is enough room and  it would look to out of place. 
Does anyone have a picture of an elegant and easy solution.
Thank you
Ross Maylor
1958 BN6


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