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John Rowe john at jtkarowe.com.au
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I would have thought that while the stop is to keep the shoes in correct alignment, the felt pad would have been more of an anti-rattle idea for shoe against the post

John Rowe
Qld Australia

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Reinhart, The felt pad is a source of lubrication for the brake shoe steady posts where it rubes the brake shoe vertical web so it doesn't squeak when the brakes a applied and released.  Use a heavy machine oil or grease that will wick on to the brake shoe vertical web were it rubes.  

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When working on the rear brakes of my 100 I found the bump stop boxes on both sides torn where the rubber buffer from the suspension may touch. I found 806-180 as the part-number in the Moss catalogue but did not find the original part number in my old Austin-Healey parts list. Anyone knows the Austin-Healey number? Is the quality of these from the different suppliers more or less the same? Or should I rather have a small piece of a panel welded on the remaining that do not look too bad. 
Inside the brake drum there are steady posts with felt bushes. One of these is missing. What is the purpose of these? Should I replace the missing or all of them?
Thank you in advance,
Reinhart Rosner
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Vienna - Austria

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