[Healeys] Boot lid seal

Larry Wendland bighealey3k at aim.com
Wed Apr 22 08:49:13 MDT 2015

Stephen,  I agree with Steve Byers, after looking at my lid this morning, the thick edge goes against the outer edge of of the lid lip and the thin edge goes towards the inner edge of the lid lip channel. As I said before I replaced the seal years ago and put the new one on as it was from new.  I'm the original owner of my '67 BJ8.

'67 BJ8

Steve Byers

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Rounded side toward the outer perimeter of the boot lid, sharp side in.
Steve Byers
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Hello listers,
I'm about to glue on the trunk or boot lid seal, and I see that the two edges are slightly different. 
As per my attachment, one side is more bulbous, and the other is sharper.
So...which side faces in, and which side faces out?
Stephen, BJ8

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