[Healeys] Passing of Iain "Strop" Walker

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Wed Apr 15 20:37:28 MDT 2015

Sounds like quite the guy. I'll raise a glass of cheer in his honor this  
evening. Here' to Strop!
Steven Kingsbury
Also BN1
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Hi  all,
Iain "Strop" Walker passed away earlier this morning, aged 65 years.  
Past BN1 owner, past member of the AHOC NSW Australia, and a great mate  
for the past 35 years. 
In his last act of defiance, Strop outlived his  Doctor's most optimistic 
estimation of his passing by an hour. 
I saw him  yesterday in hospital, and he was in good spirits. 
Very sad. 
RIP mate.  
Chris Dimmock 

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