[Healeys] Cooling Fan for BN2

ATIGHTPROD at aol.com ATIGHTPROD at aol.com
Wed Apr 15 16:19:54 MDT 2015

I have the one David Nock supplies, and I love it. Works great, easy  
install and moves a ton of air. All good in my book.
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598

Jonas Payne skrev den 2015-04-15 19:33:
> I’m working  on a BN2 that came in with a “Texas Cooler” on it.
>  Unfortunately, when pulling the timing gear, there was a “slip” and I
>  broke it.  Combination of stupidity and aged brittle  plastic.
> Resultantly, I’m looking for a replacement fan, that  preferably is not
> one of “ye olde” dark ages  type.
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