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FWIW, I think I saw that car on the road in Alameda 2 weeks ago. At least, the car I saw: 

- was this color 
- had oversized chrome wheels like this one 
- had fender spears on backwards like this one. 

Don't remember seeing a rollbar though. 


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A little help, 

Just to make sure this notice is on our watch list . 
Something to keep an eye out for. 


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An Austin Healey, in a trailer was stolen from the shop of one of our TC guys here in the San Francisco area. 

The trailer has Arnolt badges on it and a license of "Bella MG" Keep your eyes peeled guys! 


"trailer : 16' Pace Brand light bronze color with aluminum trim 
healey : 1960 BT7 with ford V8 old black paint and chrome wheels 
Jim Silva c/o Surefit Seat Covers 13922 East 14th St San Leandro, CA 94578" 

Allan Chalmers 

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