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That is cool that you got  chance to ride in the SL, funny you should compare them to the Austin Healey. The 300SLs and 100s actually competed against each other in the same class in SCCA racing when they were new and newish, the SL ended the Healey's days as a front runner (at least if there was a Merc or two entered in the race) in their class.  In those days classification was based on displacement, they went to a more performance or potential performance based formula shortly after that.  

If you look at SCCA race results by class you will see a lot of 100s (often simply identified as "Austin Healey" as it was the only one in those days) and 300SLs in D production.  Not really a fair fight, the SL sold for more than twice as much as the Healey.


Greg Lemon

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My folks' neighbor has an unrestored 300SL in better shape--at least, the interior is--but it was painted black over the original silver (a better color, IMO, esp. with red interior).  I got a ride in it the other day; it's (relatively) big, heavy and solid, but not nearly as nimble or as much fun as our BN2.


On 4/10/2015 12:28 AM, Oudesluys wrote:

  Not so surprising. At least with an original unrestored car you know what you get. Most restored cars have a multitude of hidden sins that are very hard to find and can be way more expensive to put right.
  Kees Oudesluijs

  Bob schreef op 10-4-2015 om 7:53:

    To agree a bit more, last year two 300SL Gullwing appeared in the same auction.
    The 2 cars had very similar histories.
    The rough one sold for a lot more than the restored one.

    B. Cristalli 

    Le 9 avr. 2015 à 10:53, Oudesluys <coudesluijs at chello.nl> a écrit :


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