[Healeys] 1930 BENTLEY

Mike phoenix722 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 8 18:38:49 MDT 2015

Not really Healey-oriented, but some nice pictures we can all appreciate.


        *Subject: **1930 BENTLEY*

        A Beauty!!

                        What a piece of machinery! Under-the-hood shots
                        show some amazing details. Like, apparently a
                        full set of spare spark plugs mounted on the
                        fire wall. There are four carburetors. The
                        ignition switch has a "heat" position, which
                        probably means that the engine is equipped with
                        glow plugs. The radiator cap is a real gem, with
                        its own cam and lever system. The jump seat for
                        the third passenger, plus its location would
                        seem to add emphasis that he, or she, is along
                        strictly to tend bar.


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