[Healeys] Front Drum Brake Back Plates

Michael Salter michaelsalter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 08:41:47 MDT 2015

I have been asked if I can supply a Right Front Brake Back Plate for a
100/6 with wire wheels.
I have several right side drum brake back plates but I cannot figure out
which are BN1, which are BN2, which are 100/6 wire wheel and which are
100/6 disc wheel.
The part numbers are as follows:
BN1 ....7H4266
BN4/6  wire wheel ....1B4496
BN4-6  disc wheel.....1B4451
I have looked in vain for a part number and although there are subtle
differences in the pressings I'm at a loss as to which are for which car.
Can anyone help?

Michael S
BN1 #174
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