[Healeys] Oil Dip stick tube

Larry Wendland bighealey3k at aim.com
Mon Apr 6 18:41:16 MDT 2015

Herb,  My BJ8 dip stick tube is 4 9/16 inches from the block casting to the top opening for the dip stick.  Just a reference to compare to other replies.  I see that the Nock's have them in stock. 

'67 BJ8

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Subject: [Healeys] Oil Dip stick tube

I need a favor. I am finishing the rebuild of my BJ8 engine. Cannot find  the dip stick tube. This item is no longer available, so I will have to make one.
What I need is a measurement of its length,  from the opening in the block to its top, where the dip stick goes in.
Herb Miller

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