[Healeys] Tenax Fasteners

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Of the dozens of Tenax fasteners, I have one that is knurled and has rings. You are welcome to it.

Herb Miller


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In my continuing quest to detail BN1 #174 correctly I have had to resort to having a tonneau cover made that is accurate for the very early 100s.

One of the details required to ensure accuracy is the type of Tenax fastener used on such a cover.

It seems that the very early cars had different Tenax fasteners than are available today in that the early style had knurling on the knob as can be seen in the attached pic....if it shows up!!
Inline image 1

​I need enough of this style of Tenax knob to use on the tonneau (7) and armrest (4). 

Can anyone help me find these?

Happy Easter
Michael S​

BN1 #174



If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem.

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