[Healeys] AH 100 heater core

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G'day Bruce


These are also fitted to early Land Rovers and other British cars of the
early to mid '50s. 


I am told that if they don't hold pressure (water) they are almost
impossible to fix. A couple of years back I saw a NOS core on eBay in
Australia for $350 which I thought was cheap. I went looking for one for the
Healey Duncan (would you believe a British car without a heater) and managed
to find one that was originally fitted to a Bristol.


There is a crowd in the UK that makes new ones. Have a look at 




They send me a million dollars every time they sell one.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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I saw this in the MG experience buy and sell section. No financial interest,
just passing it along for those who might be interested


Bruce Starke

Golden BC

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