[Healeys] Ron Olufson

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Here is his obituary for those interested. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/pe/obituary.aspx?pid=172438570

67 BJ8

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Sorry to pass along that Ron Olufson, past president of the Austin HealeyAssociation has died. I met someone at a cruise-in here in Northern Californialast night that had been to his funeral. I guess there was a good turnout ofHealeys.Ken Freese_______________________________________________SupportTeam.Net http://www.team.net/donate.htmlSuggested annual donation $12.75Archive: http://www.team.net/archiveForums:http://www.team.net/forumsHealeys@autox.team.nethttp://autox.team.net/mailman/listinfo/healeysUnsubscribe/Manage:http://autox.team.net/mailman/options/healeys/bighealey3k@aim.com

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