[Healeys] 1959 100-6 front disc brake conversion

Steve Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
Fri Nov 28 17:37:14 MST 2014

Kees wrote:


Use drums at the rear and decrease the diameter of the rear brake cylinders.
Kees Oudesluijs



Another possibility would be to introduce an adjustable proportioning valve
inline between the 5-way union and rear brake line.

I bought mine on Amazon for $40.00


Richard Mayor on this list had an easy technique for setup (if I may


Start with the valve about 7 or 8 turns down from wide open.

With the car on jackstands, have the "dreaded assistant" gradually, apply
brakes with car in neutral, engine off. Turn the front and rear wheels by

Adjust the valve such that the rear wheels are just behind the front wheels
- for the fronts to have just locked up and for the rears to still turn but
to feel brake drag.


I followed these instructions, then took the car out for a hard (near panic)
stop and it stopped straight and true.





Steve Gerow

Altadena, CA, USA

BN6 - 29D engine - 4-wheel disc brakes

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