[Healeys] 1959 100-6 front disc brake conversion

Peter Dzwig pdzwig at summaventures.com
Fri Nov 28 10:23:11 MST 2014


Simon is right I mis-remembered, it should have been the other way round.


On 28/11/2014 17:14, Simon Lachlan wrote:
> Peter,
> I hate to say it, but I could never think this setup is right. Back to
> front. 
> As I recall from everything I've ever read and done re race & rally cars, it
> normally goes progressively like this:-
> Swap front drums for discs. Then, perhaps if still want more, swap rear
> drums to discs.
> Then, next stage for fiercer conditions, bigger discs at front and maybe at
> rear.
> Etcetc but always with more on front.
> I'd not be surprised if you get some fairly robust replies from some of our
> more colourful types!
> As a point of reference, I'd be pretty sure that your setup would fail its
> annual MOT in the UK (assuming the tester wasn't too dozy to spot the
> strange readings!)
> Simon
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> Chris,
> I did a conversion job on my 100/6 a few years back. Two things turned out
> to be crucial (i) was balance and (ii) was purpose. The advice that I
> received was that for fast road work rear disks and front drums were
> preferable so that the greater braking was applied to the driven wheels. For
> rally or other similar all round disks were fine but it was again critical
> to ensure the balance.
> I rebuilt mine with for fat road and occasional rally and hill climb and it
> was fine on everything I used it for including track and hill climb. I would
> also advise that you look at the suspension set up as a whole to ensure that
> it can handle the extra braking well. If I recall I ended up with stiffer
> shocks and bushes and an anti-dive bar.
> Peter
> On 26/11/2014 19:13, Chris Scholz wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I am looking for advice on converting my front drums to discs. Keeping 
>> my wire wheels. Any vendor?  I see some use Willwood discs. Who makes 
>> the brackets?  I will also have rear discs with a narrowed 
>> after-market rear end and have to figure out some kind of proportioning
> valve.  Thanks.
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