[Healeys] Draining Coolant from a BJ8 block.

David Murphy roadwarriordavem at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 21:34:27 MST 2014

Are there alternate ways (besides the lever drain valve above the left
motor mount) to drain coolant from the block? I'm unable to move the lever
on that valve. I've tried tapping the opposite side of the pivot with a
hammer, to no avail. And there is not enough room for me to get my hand
in to work the lever and tap the back side of the pivot at the same time
(which usually is needed to operate the somewhat similar heater valve).

I see a 9/16" hex head plug going into the left side of the block about 1
foot (30 cm) forward of the lever drain valve. That plug (not shown in the
Moss catalogue) looks easier to access, but I'm not sure whether it goes
into a water passage or an oil passage. Does anyone know?

I also see a huge, maybe 1-1/8" hex head plug going into the block directly
under the oil filter on the right side of the engine. Same questions.

Thanks for your help.
-Dave Murphy
Dearborn Michigan

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