[Healeys] non-Healey: remote starter switch

Bob Haskell rchaskell at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 15 14:59:38 MST 2014


I got an old automotive remote starter switch with some other test 
equipment.  The electrical cable is dried out and cracking, so I took 
the switch apart to replace it.  I was surprised to see that the cable 
is three conductors and that there's a light bulb inside the hand grip. 
  The light can't be seen through the grip (no holes) and the wire from 
the bulb holder doesn't have anything attached on the other end.  But 
the cable is in rough shape, so I don't know if there use to be a third 
clamp or that it was connected to one of the other two clamps.  So what 
is the purpose of the light bulb?

The only marking is "Hunt Wilde" on the grip.  I'm guessing they made 
the grip, not the remote starter switch.


Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 Mk I registrar

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