[Healeys] slipping clutch vs. slipping OD

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1.  I think it unlikely that a normal resurfacing of the flywheel would
result in clutch slip.  By "normal", I mean just a skimming of the surface
and not excessive removal of material.
2.  Yes, an overdrive can slip.  I experienced this last year in my BJ8,
when the overdrive began to slip and before I isolated the problem to the
overdrive it began to make a "whizzing noise" when it slipped.  The problem
was low oil pressure in the overdrive unit, caused by broken and loose rings
on the accumulator piston and maybe made worse by worn out/broken up thrust
washers.   No, it did not slip with overdrive disengaged.
3.  Oil and/or grease on the clutch, in my experience, causes clutch
"chatter", rather than simple slipping.  I also experienced this not too
long after installing a new clutch (and a new pilot bushing).  I believe now
that the problem was caused by not removing excess grease after using the
"grease in the hole" method of popping out the old bushing.  Chatter was
only in reverse and only after the engine warmed up, but it progressed to
chatter in first gear as well.
I did have clutch slipping under acceleration years ago when the clutch disc
was worn out, but that would not appear to be the problem your guy is having

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC USA

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At a recent club meeting a member indicated that he thought that his 100
clutch was slipping. But he also said it might be his overdrive slipping. Of
course, the car was not there so we could not verify anything. Here are a
few of the questions that arose:
1. Can resurfacing the flywheel cause the clutch/pressure plate assembly to
not fully engage & result in the clutch slipping?
2. Can an overdrive slip? Assuming the answer is "Yes" can it slip both in
overdrive & out of overdrive?
3. I understand that a new clutch disc
has been installed recently. Besides oil on the clutch disc what are some of
the other possible explanations for clutch slip? 

Gary Hodson

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