[Healeys] source for dash 'piping' for BN1 2-piece dash?

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Wed Nov 12 01:12:02 MST 2014

     You might try Anglo Parts (www.angloparts.com). they are the only ones I have found that address the fact that there were a two piece dash as well as a one piece later dash.  The part number is 121.001 and costs about 15 bucks.  I have a two piece dash I am using in my BN2.  It may not be right, but it will definitely start a conversation.

Mike MacLean
56 BN2
60 AN5

On Tuesday, November 11, 2014 9:51 PM, "sentenac.rw at gmail.com" <sentenac.rw at gmail.com> wrote:

>Nine years after I first thought about it and 16 years after I started
>to restore BN1 #724, I am back to looking for a source for the rubber
>piping that trims out the edge of the smaller instrument pod as it
>attaches to the main dash piece.
>In 2005 Allen Miller Found a good source at Paul Beck Vintage Supplies
>in Norfolk England, items RM67 and RM68.  But PBVS is no more and
>their successor no longer stocks that beading although their website
>shows its shape.  It had a small quarter-round bead and closely
>resembled the remnants that were on my dash when I disassembled it 16
>years back.  Looks like I was six months too late.
>Rich Chrysler thought that the bumper overrider rubber got the job
>done, although it looks a bit bulky to me.
>Has anyone recently reinvented this 'wheel', and found the perfect
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