[Healeys] 1961 Jaguar XK-150 For Sale

Jonas Payne jpaynepbr at cox.net
Tue Nov 11 13:46:39 MST 2014

Regrettably,  my Father is selling his 1961 Jaguar XK-150.


If you or anybody you know is interested, please contact me off line.


The car is a strong #4 Driver Quality car based on the Hagerty Scale.  It
would be a 3 on the Keith Martin Scale.  It has been by far the most
reliable car in our collection of 9 vintage cars.


The vehicle model is a Jaguar XK 150 3.8 SE.  


It is not an "S" engine with 3 carburetors.  


It has 2 - SU Type HD 6 carburetors 


The "SE" stands for Special Equipment installed at the factory and includes
the following:

*	Special "B" type cylinder head;  power output rated @ 220 bhp @ 5500
rpm  (original cylinder head replaced from newer engine during engine
overhaul @  74,857 miles)
*	Dunlop 4 wheel single pair disc brakes with servo assist
*	Wire wheels with centre lock hub
*	Windscreen washer
*	2 fog lights
*	Electric overdrive with manual switch
*	Added chrome and trim


Basic information regarding condition as follows:

*         Numbers matching vehicle except for Cylinder Head.

*         Original 4 speed Moss transmission very good

*         Electric overdrive excellent 

*         Exterior paint -average

*         Interior - good/average; headliner very good

*         Glass - good to very good

*         Chrome - excellent

*         Doors - very good with consistent gaps - no sagging or hinge pin

*         A Solid, well maintained rust free, reliable driver quality car
that is ready to enjoy or to take to the next level with low risk of hidden

*         Original spare and jack

*         All records for 30 years including photo book of sympathetic
restoration completed by previous owner.

*         Engine rebuilt by known expert


Here is a description of the vehicle and of the recent work performed:

*         New spark plugs and wires

*         New tires with tubes - Excelsior black-wall radials 6.50 R16  96H
(slightly oversized to suit wheel well)

*         Brake system

o   All caliper pistons replaced new

o   All brake hose replaced new

o   Master cylinder replaced new

o   All new brake pads

o   Servo booster replace new (original kept and available)

*         Fuel System:

o   New fuel pump

o   New lines

o   Carburetors re-built 

o   Thermocard disabled (only necessary in cold climates)

*         Starter re-built

*         Rear leaf springs re-arched and leaf added

*         New steering wheel (identical to original one, original in box and

*         Passenger side window wind mechanism replaced

*         Clutch master and slave new and new hoses (original kept and

*         New hoses and belts all around



Asking Price - $53,500.  Shipping not included.



Jonas Payne

PBR Consulting Services, LLC


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