[Healeys] Koni front shock kit.

Peter Caldwell peter at nosimport.com
Mon Nov 10 10:56:42 MST 2014

The 80-1263 is the kit with shocks for the later rear shocks.... the 
4" bolt centers.  I have an NOS kit of each.
    Peter C
At 08:38 AM 11/10/2014, Oudesluys wrote:
>According an old Koni catalogue 80-1503 is the correct damper for 
>the AH 100-3000 1955-1968 together with brackets 8-350V. I cannot 
>find anything on 80-1263.
>These dampers are adjustable so you could increase the damping if 
>they are not working properly. These dampers can also be rebuild by 
>Koni specialists.
>I live very near the factory in Oud Beijerland where these dampers 
>were developed and made. Sadly they have been taken over by ITT many 
>years ago which meant you could not go to the factory any more to 
>discuss and sort your damper problems personally. I went there quite 
>often to have things sorted out with some cars that did some circuit 
>and ralley racing. They also sorted my JH in 1977.
>Kees Oudesluijs
>Simon Lachlan schreef op 10-11-2014 14:51:
>>I took my front telescopic shocks off just now. I learnt that the kit is the
>>usual one ie not a clone as I'd been led to believe was possible, even
>>The shocks are red Konis, 80-1503. The writing engraved on the tubes is
>>indistinct but there is a "HEAVY" and a "D", plus the Koni symbol, "Made in
>>Holland" and some more illegible stuff. Plus a date,  6 65.
>>Now my records show a post from Del Border who says that the tubes fitted
>>fore and aft were Koni 80 Series, 1263 Special D. ie 80-1263. Does anyone
>>know if my 1503s are the same as/a replacement of the 1263s or what?
>>And what is a modern equivalent for a 1263 which Koni has discontinued?

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