[Healeys] Koni front shock kit.

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 06:51:11 MST 2014

I took my front telescopic shocks off just now. I learnt that the kit is the
usual one ie not a clone as I'd been led to believe was possible, even


The shocks are red Konis, 80-1503. The writing engraved on the tubes is
indistinct but there is a "HEAVY" and a "D", plus the Koni symbol, "Made in
Holland" and some more illegible stuff. Plus a date,  6 65.


Now my records show a post from Del Border who says that the tubes fitted
fore and aft were Koni 80 Series, 1263 Special D. ie 80-1263. Does anyone
know if my 1503s are the same as/a replacement of the 1263s or what?

And what is a modern equivalent for a 1263 which Koni has discontinued?




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