[Healeys] more questions on the right tires for a 67 BJ8

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Nov 7 13:21:09 MST 2014

My 6in. Dayton rim with 185/70-15 tire spare fits in the boot of my BJ8, but just barely. I had to remove the wood block that anchors the wheel on the rear bulkhead and, of course, I can't strap it down but the boot lid just clears and the wheel never moves even in spirited driving (esp. with all the spare parts, tools, oil, etc. I cram in there). 

Not concours, to be sure, but neither are my tire and wheel selection, and the car is taken on very long distance trips where having a spare tire is essential (I carry plugs and an inflater as extra insurance). 


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The picture sure tells a story, but I wonder if this tire could possibly 
fit in the trunk (boot) as intended. I have a 1966 BJ8 that has Dayton 60 
spoke rims that are 41/2 inches wide; the tires are 165x15 F560 Firestones 
that are 25.43 inches in diameter. This tire fits the trunk in the correct 
location just barely. The 180x15 tire is 26.80 in diameter and wider than 
the Firestone. I do not see how this tire that is 1 inch larger in 
diameter could fit the boot location as intended. If it does not make any 
difference if this larger tire fits the boot than I am sure it is a great 
choice !! 

Just a thought, 

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