[Healeys] more questions on the right tires for a 67 BJ8

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Hi Ron.
Since price is not an issue for your 12 year consumer durables, then
everything you need to know is right here.

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Apparently the moderator said I sent this question from a non-recognized
email so I'm trying again. Sorry if it gets repeated.

I have Dayton 72 spoke 15x5  type 457F on my 67 BJ8.

My Michelins are ZX 175 R 15 and are 12 years old and are no longer made.
There is no middle number like "60". I see some cracking now on one tire.

I understand many are happy with Vredsteins (sp) and I went on their site
but they do not list Healey as a choice.

Does anyone with a BJ8 Mk III and Daytons have a recommendation on size and
type/model of Vredstein or any other tire? Especially the "modern" 3 numbers
like "175-60-15".  Do we still put tubes in the "tubeless" tires?

Looking over the listserve I saw recommendations for Vred 185-70-15, Eagel
195-65-15, and Michelin XAS in 180-15.

I'm looking mostly for a comfort and safety  than performance, price or

Much appreciated.


Ron Davies

Orange Co.

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