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ruvino at ripnet.com ruvino at ripnet.com
Fri Nov 7 11:32:42 MST 2014

A little background.
Recently we had a break in and my wifebs jewellry was stolen. The best
pieces had been appraised 15 years ago and were listed on the policy
individually for which we paid an extra premium.

Well when it came time for the insurance company to pay out they had the
pieces re-appraised by their jeweller and the values came in less than what
they had insured for. itbs a long story but buried in the policy was a vague
statement to the effect that they had the right to re-appraise.

So after paying an extra premium for 15 years it didnbt matter, they would
only pay what they deemed appropriate.

So why this story?

I got wondering about the policy on my car. I have assumed all along that the
appraised value is what the insurance company would pay out if say the car
burned to the ground. I checked and was verbally given an assurance that that
is the case. My insurance is with Hagerty through a broker.

You might want to check with your insurance company.

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