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Tadeusz Malkiewicz Tadeusz.Malkiewicz at plusnet.pl
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Hello Curt,

This mysterious "Tadeusz Malkiewicz" is me, and I am still around, reading
the thread carefully :-).

Actually, the post you mention from 2008 has convinced me to go for DW
Head... :-)

In the mean time I heard that Chesman Motorsport are making a 100 head as
well. I have not seen their heads, but am wondering who is selling them. 
I think they could be an alternative.
Chesman is known for engine work in UK on classic engines. I have done my
xk120 head with them.

For some reason it seems that everyone is selling their own 100 alloy head:
1. DW
2. SC
3. Moss
4. AH Spares
5. Chesman Motorsports

Does anyone know who is selling whose product??.. 
I can't believe there are 5 manufacturers for a head that's on all BN1's and
BN2's that are left....


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I've just called Mark Lambert in Nashville, TN and left him a message and I
hope he's not too busy to call me back.  As some of you may know Mark
started hosting the TV show* "Classic Car Restoration"* on the DIY network
starting in 2003.


Anyway from what I remember, and it was some 15years ago, Mark did a
detailed technical evaluation of both the original unmodified head and the
SC aluminum head, measuring not only the airflow but power output as
installed on running cars.  This was not just his off the cuff opinion, or
an arbitrary claim of better performance.

Back in 2008 this same question was asked on the List by "Tadeusz
Malkiewicz", and here was my response back then...  BTW I did not reference
this old email when I wrote the one I sent yesterday.  If nothing else I am


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