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That's a very interesting spec Magnus.
I have the H6 carbs and a Fast Road DW alloy head on the shelf ready for my
next project.  I don't recognise the '300B0' cam spec however.  Could you
expand a little on who the supplier would be?
Many thanks.
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I've built an engine with DW full race aluminium head, composite gasket,
300B0 race cam and H6 carbs. I put it in a dyno and it gave 156 hp at 5000
rpm. I don't remember the torque figures but maximum torque was achieved at
1500 rpm and maintained as a flat curve up to 5000 rpm. This resulted in a
very competitive race engine and also a very tractable engine that can be
used on the streets without any problems. I would always choose to build a
100 engine like this as you get a real quick car with the better road
holding compared to a 3000. No problems with water leaks and the head has
been long lasting.

Magnus Karlsson


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