[Healeys] Alloy Head

Curtis Arndt cnaarndt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 17:21:03 MDT 2014


I have one perfect 100 head that's never been cracked or repaired, and
never skimmed.

I do agree with your comments on the choice of head gaskets.  A friend and
mechanic of mine *highly recommend* spending the money (they aren't cheap)
on the *Denis Welch head gasket* to make my original head last as long as
possible.  Fellow List member Roland W. and I both purchased them for our
good heads.

Denis Welch supposedly took the original SC design and modified/improved it
and added a "Fast Road" and a "Full Race" head.  Of course if you want to
add bigger carburetors, and mess with the cam, ignition etc... you can get
more performance.  But really why, when the average owner can take a stock
BN1/2 and by just adding the head get better than 100M performance?  Check
out the cost of adding 100M carburetors, pistons, cam shaft, distributor
and the cost of the aluminum head does seem all that bad.  Of course I
remember the days when they cost $2K USD not the $4K they are now

I have always stated that there are two types of original heads for the
100s, those that have cracked and those that will crack.  Therefore it's
nice to have some alternatives.

I'd Like like to see what kind of head you Aussies come up with for the 100.



On Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 2:02 PM, Larry Varley <varley at cosmos.net.au> wrote:

>  Hi Guys, all interesting stuff, I absolutely agree if the head is
> cracked, it's a boat anchor even though the six cylinder heads out perform
> the 100 heads in that regard. I would not throw money at attempting to
> repair a Healey iron head. In regards to fitting I prefer the modern
> composite head gaskets with steel rings around the combustion chambers. You
> can also use a very light smear of gasket sealant along the spark plug side
> edge water galleries to prevent weeping from the galleries close to the
> edge.
> Cheers
> Larry

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