[Healeys] FW: Telescopic shocker

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 15:06:19 MDT 2014

Any ideas on this....?


Ref all the previous toing aand froing on this subject, I have now installed
a telescopic shock to the LHS of my MkII BT7. (Awkward, but manageable).

On looking at the finished result I wonder if the manufacturer has labelled
the parts back to front. (They will go in on either side and, having worked
out what goes where, one cannot get it in wrong.....it either all lines up
or nothing lines up).

First of all does anyone have any pics? My kit comes from Ahead4Healeys; AH
Spares does the same (Danish!) kit. Pics of any kit would help.

What has got me thinking is this:- The bottom mounting on the spring plate
is towards the rear of the plate and the top mounting is in the forward
position so that the shock is very close to the rear bulkhead. The shock
sits at about 45degrees from axle to bulkhead. If one reversed the sides ie
mounted the so-called R(ear) R(ight on the car's LHS instead of the RHS,
then the shock would sit up much closer to the vertical.

I have checked with the supplier......yes, in their terminology Right is on
the driver's right as he sits in the car.

I doubt that I have made myself very clear, but it boils down to this:-

Is 45 degrees not a very shallow angle and is not something closer to
vertical better?

Do you have any pictures?



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