[Healeys] Alloy Head

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Sat Nov 1 13:44:17 MDT 2014

Hi Ray, my personal opinion is that unless there is a problem with your 
iron head don't bother. You probably won't see any noticeable 
performance increase and any small weight saving or improvement in heat 
dissipation really would not be worth the money. The original Weslake 
design works very well, and modifications to the original ports and 
combustion chamber design can easily lead to no improvement or worse 
performance at lower speeds.
Stay away from Webcon in the UK at this stage as they were making an 
Austin A70 commercial head thinking it was Healey. I don't know if they 
have changed it yet. The A70 commercial head had smaller and deeper 
combustion chambers and with the Healey sized valves they were fitting 
had shocking valve masking. I would not be paying extra for a Denis 
Welch head for a road car, so any supplier that can supply a faithful 
reproduction of the original should be ok.
As a matter of interest "Head Stud Developments" here in Australia are 
also in the process of making a 4 cylinder alloy head, but I think they 
are not quite ready for sale yet.
Larry Varley
Nash Healey Lemans Coupe x 2 :)

I am thinking about an alloy head for my 100. This is a request for list 
wisdom on several issues. I'm thinking "fast road" as I have a 3/4 cam. 
What make / supplier, about what price, what has been your experience 
with one, what else should I be aware of? Are there any pros or cons 
involved here. Thanks Ray Juncal 

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