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Sad indeed, esp at a vintage race----but---we had a fatality at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix with an MGTD about 9 years ago.  And---this year-----------I and a few others came close to being hit by n out-of-control racer--he veered off the track, up an embankment and fought hard to keep it from entering the food tent where we were--he succeeded!

---- editorgary at aol.com wrote: 

 The news of the death of Denis Welch is an unbelievable tragedy. The idea
that someone would actually get killed in a vintage racing accident is so
unlikely that we really have to ask what happened. I hope that vintage racing
organizations all over the world are asking for details on Welch's death to
learn whether it might have been prevented by better safety equipment (English
drivers often choose not to equip vintage race cars with modern style roll
bars, and even safety harnesses because they aren't "period"), less aggressive
driving and more active stewardship (English racing has a deserved reputation
for being more aggressive than what we tolerate in the U.S.), bad track
design, or just the luck of the situation.

To have a driver of this level of
experience die in a frequently raced style of race car is just unacceptable.


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