[Healeys] Pulling camshaft in situ ...

Steve Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
Thu Jul 17 12:42:31 MDT 2014

Don't forget to disconnect the longitudinal throttle rod.


Undo front motor mounts. You might want to replace a bolt on each side with
a long bolt so the engine has an alignment guide.


Remove grille, radiator and fan


If you have the dampener with the bolted pulley, you can substitute two long
bolts and use this setup, with a big socket and breaker bar, to undo the big



Beyond removal of front pulley, have no further experience-based comment as
I haven't removed a camshaft - there'll be issues with removing the timing
gears and chain and removing the distributor drive and getting it all
aligned properly on reinstall.




Steve Gerow

Altadena, CA, USA


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