[Healeys] Ring Gear/Flywheel Removal

Larry Wendland bighealey3k at aim.com
Tue Jul 8 12:18:39 MDT 2014

Price,  Use a heavy hammer to strike the opposite end of a box end
wrench with heavy blows.  The box end being on the bolt head of course.
  The shock of the blow should loosen the bolts.  Have done this many
times on hard to loosen bolts on objects that are not anchored

'67 BJ8

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I am changing my clutch assembly and having trouble getting the flywheel
assembly off to access the Spigot/Pilot bushing which I want to
replace. The
flywheel turns and won't let me loosen the 4 bolts. (I don't have
access to
pneumatic tools which would probably do the trick.)

Any suggestions?

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8
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