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It was the idea of DMH to make the six-cylinder Austin-Healey into a 2+2 so
to broaden the market. The single remaining pre-production 100 had been
fitted with the heavy BMC six-cylinder engine and running gear and then sent
to Jensen for the alterations to the bodywork. It was then shown to BMC as
the new six-cylinder Austin-Healey. It was then that BMC burghers thought it
would be a good idea to change the grille to something akin to the then
Austin sedan as well as incorporating as much Austin parts bin bits as they

How do I know all this?

The car that was fitted with the six-cylinder engine and then sent to Jensen
is sitting in my garage and I have copious correspondence from Geoff Healey.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Blue Mountains, Australia

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You need to recall who the "they" was In the question. Austin management
thought a 2+2 would sell better to family men. So I doubt that was a Healey

I knew a couple who drove from Sturgis, South Dakota to Glenwood Springs,
Colorado and back (probably 1300 miles in all) in their BN4 with their
luggage and camping gear and their two small daughters in the jump seats.
That takes organization...

Bill Lawrence

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