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Wed Jul 2 14:50:23 MDT 2014

What was your reason for not using the original crankcase ventilation system?
Gary Hodson

> Howdy all,
>  I put a K&N vent filter on the T pipe on top of my valve cover. I have
> expereinced a lot of oil mist condensation all over the engine bay. Good
> news, nothing will rust, bad news I have oil all over the engine bay. Is
> this due to high crankcase pressure or is this a normal, negative
> consequence? The filter looks great, but the oil is a  major issue. I have
> aftermarket K&N filters with no hose nipple to attach to the air filter. Am
> I special or have other dealt with this issue?
> Ira Erbs
> IT Teacher
> and Consultant
> Portland, OR
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