[Healeys] Pressure plate question

Jerry Costanzo grumpyinloomis at ssctv.net
Wed Dec 3 12:50:35 MST 2014

Thanks for all the suggestions so far group.  My memory says when I did my
conversion, that I added somewhere between 0.25-0.375 inches to the pivot
point.  I think the bolt in our club members kit has the heavy shoulder that
might be an original Toyota pivot bolt.  But, when I made mine, I made an
extra for some reason, so we will use that.   Ken,  I could not find any
articles on Don Phillips and pressure plates, but we are stuck with the 10
inch plate since the flywheel is set up for that.  We will buy a new one and
stick with the new borg and beck brand.
I know our club member has not installed the bleed extension.  I did on my car
and what a advantage.    I might also get him to surface the flywheel but it
does look pretty good and we did put a straight edge against the surface to
look for distortion.
Any other suggestions out there?


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