[Healeys] RB 106/2 - 12V Voltage Regulator Needed (Randy Hicks)

Paul Blake brumby1009 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 15:37:11 MST 2013



Be careful when replacing one of these regulators because they all have the
same model number (RB106/2) but they are different amp ratings.  The amp
rating is sometimes marked underneath but more often not and can only be
determined by the part number.  Basically the regulator needs to match the
current rating of the generator. I am not sure about the BN2 but my 100 Six
uses a 30 amp model whereas some of the MG's and smaller british cars use
15amp.  The result of putting the wrong one on a car can be devastating for
the generator.


Sorry I don't have a spare for you.


Paul Blake

100 Six BN4


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