[Healeys] Sealing wire wheels for use with tubeless tires

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Nov 25 16:53:36 MST 2013

John Blake did this for me. He tried to get the Dayton people to tell him what to use for sealer, and they refused so he tried a few and found one that worked (think it was a urethane). He sealed 4 wheels for me and they don't leak. Number I have is (831) 465-0617. 

Like any other coating, prep is crucial. Probably helps to rough up the area to be sealed (think John etches, probably with HF acid). The best (only) way to do it is to spin the wheel--like on a balancer--and spread the sealer like you would frosting on a cake, pressing it into cavities. 

Pros: No heating/chafing issues not uncommon with tubes. 
No tubes! 
Cons: Leaks can't be fixed with a patch on an innertube--you have to plug (I've done it many times with no problems)--or, better yet, dismount the tire and patch inside. 
Seal can be damaged when dis/mounting tire. 
Have to remove seal and reseal in order to true wheel. 

Always wondered about running 'tubeless' tires with tubes. I think possibly tires meant to run tubeless aren't as smooth on the inside (speculation). All things considered, I prefer sealed (used to run with tubes). 


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A fellow Healey owner, not on the list, would like to convert his wire wheels 
to use with tubeless tires. 

Can anyone provide instructions for doing this including the type of silicone 
sealer to use? 

What are the pros and cons of doing this? 

jkrich at gvtc.com 

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