[Healeys] Original leather interior, what was leather, what was vinyl

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Fri Nov 22 11:27:51 MST 2013

Leather was used as an option on the front seat facings, the part you sit on
or against. Everything else was "Ambla" vinyl. Top and tonneau were Everflex

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Trying to piece together the mix of what was leather and what was vinyl on
J8's that came with factory leather interior.  This is what I think based on
earches and couple of books.  Can someone(s) fill in the details as to what
as what?  My guesses below maybe was off base.
Front seats - all leather except the backs of the upright seat backs.  Seats
re pleated with no embossed pattern.  Vinyl pleats had the checkerboard
Rear seats - not leather but matching color vinyl, again pleated but no
attern. What was surrounding material to rear seats, leather or vinyl?
Door panels?  Don't know what material Where the leather?
Front kick panels - don't know what material?  Were they leather?
Rear left/right panels that hide the top hinges - don't know but assumed
as no embossed "square" pattern as with vinyl (amblia) interiors.  So were
hey just plain material that was leather or were they matching vinyl?
Rear fold down shelf.  Have counted 19 vertical pleats with no embossed
attern-but what material?  Also what was thin material that covers the back
nd join the hinged areas and the vertical shelf?
Dash and console covering - vinyl or leather?
Top dash cover  that rearview mirror sits on - assume was always black and
Tonneau and boot covers.  assume was always marine type vinyl

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