[Healeys] Timing Chain Tensioner

teamhealeytexas fredcrowley at teamhealeytexas.com
Wed Nov 13 21:10:26 MST 2013

I too ran into the same problem recently when I purchased the tensioner 
assembly from Moss. Not only did it not have the plug in the bottom, but it 
didn't have an oiler hole in the side facing the front plate. This was for 
my race engine in my '62 3000 and I needed to get it back together quickly. 
I didn't have time to research why the differences. I didn't trust the new 
body, so I used my old body with the plug and oil hole with the new spring 
and friction shoe. Worked great. Still don't know why the different 
tensioner body is being used, but would like to know.

Y'all take care, eh?
Team Healey Texas

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Fellow Listers,
I purchased a new tensioner with a brand name "Rolon." It does not have
a plug in the bottom like my old one to release the spring with an Allen
wrench after installing it.  Have any of you encountered this also? So
how do I release the spring on the new one? Also I fiddles with it on
the bench and the spring and plunger flew out. I hope I put it back
together correctly. At least I got it to stay together after compressing
the spring and inserting the spring and plunger into the tensioner body.
Thanks in advance,

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