[Healeys] 100K Healey on Ebay

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I stand corrected, I was of the opinion that the BJ8 model all had the
rectangular plate. Thanks for the explanation, learn something new every day.


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> Jean, I don't see any close-up photos of the serial number (VIN) plate
> shown, but if you are referring to the shape of the plate that can be seen
> in the engine bay photo, BJ8s from about HBJ8L/40xxx got the type of plate
> shown in this car (rounded ends, rather than rectangular as the earlier
> plate was). As with so many such detail changes from the factory, the VIN
> plate shape change point is not exact.
> Yes, 41590 was one of the original 553 (not 551) Metallic Golden Beige
> By the way, all 553 were NOT built in 1967 ("the last year of production").
> The very first one left the factory in 1965. The second one was a show car
> at Earls Court in late '66 a few months before production actually started
> in Feb 67. The question is, though, is THIS car 41590? There are so many
> cars out there now with identity plates from other cars that it's hard to
> tell for sure with so little information given. A few more serial numbers
> would help to establish whether this car is what is claims to be.
> My information is that 41590 was once wrecked and bought back from State
> Farm sometime between 1976 and 1984. It is out of Missouri (three owners of
> record there) and was also once painted orange. It would appear that some
> restorers of high-quality/high dollar cars are not particularly interested
> in Concours, but in restoring the cars to a configuration that they believe
> will appeal most to the public at large and bring in the most profit.
> Steve Byers
> HBJ8L/36666
> BJ8 Registry
> AHCA National Delegate
> Havelock, NC USA
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> More than the items that are not "correct" according to the Concours Guide,
> although in all fairness it is not advertised as such, the serial number
> plate
> is certainly not what you would normally find on a BJ8. So the question is,
> is
> this a BJ8 that really was originally Golden Beige.
> No matter what, I would be hesitant to purchase a vehicle like this, no
> matter
> who restored it, without seeing it in person or having someone with
> knowledge
> of these cars inpect it in person.
> Jean
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