[Healeys] Aluminum Healey Found - 2nd try to post...

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Any chance it's one of the three aluminum bodied 100-6s that ran Sebring in 
1957:  http://www.healeysix.net/Streamliners.htm


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A Nashville friend who collects Jags and races MGAs called to
ask me about a
fully aluminum bodied Healey he found in another state that he
is interested
in buying. The motor is out but with the car.
The owner said
there were only 3 made and he's asking a lot so I assume
he knows what he has.
I have not heard of any fully aluminum cars that were built that late in the
I told him it must have been a competition car. That's all the info I
He's calling back to see if he can get more but the owner is elderly and
communication is tough. His wife is relaying the info.

Have any of you heard
of full aluminum bodied cars in 59?


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