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Carl, the long stator tube is clamped at its lower end (in front of the
steering gearbox) by a brass compression fitting ("olive") and nut.
Apparently, the clamping force on the tube was not enough to prevent it
being pulled out when you removed the trafficator.  If you had any oil in
the steering box, you should have seen it leak out by now where the stator
tube got removed.  If you haven't seen the oil leak, then you should make
sure the box gets filled when you reassemble everything.  Also check the
steering idler on the other side of the car to make sure it's filled with
There shouldn't be any particular problem when you reassemble it, but make
sure the nut clamps the olive and tube sufficiently to secure the tube and
prevent leaks.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC USA

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Just put my car away in storage for the winter.

Was working on the trafficator and when disconnected from the wires and
removed it brought along the smaller, (circumference), tube as well. Intend
fix the whole thing in the spring. Why did this happen-never has before and
this going to pose a problem for me when I re-assemble it?


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