[Healeys] Nord Lok washers

Michael Salter michaelsalter at gmail.com
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I've not looked at Nord Lok as a possible solution but do you think that they
are large enough that when positioned on the surface of the shock they would
stop the problem of "sinking" into the soft zinc surface which I believe is
the root cause of the problem?

Michael S

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Marketing question, if you'll permit.

On this list's recommendation, I purchased some of these from
McMaster. Beautiful. I think these might be the cure for loose shock
fixings.  We see tons of bad mounting holes, especially on Healeys.
(I can say tons, as we scrap that much in a year of bad castings)

Would it be helpful to supply or offer a set with each shock we sell
for Healeys? They aren't expensive. Is it something you would want to use?

Just wanting opinions.


Peter C
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