[Healeys] Eagle Low Drag EType GT.

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Thu Nov 7 17:41:34 MST 2013

And---what was it that Ferrari said??  And--what is one of the cars in the Museum of Modern Art?  And how many times has it rested at the top of the "most beautiful cars" list?  How in the world anyone could say it was a "mistake" or unappealing or whatever was said here about it is beyond me.  I have one now and have had 2 in my lifetime, and it gets RAVES whereever I go--the last one was a guy at the fuel pump who simply looked at it, mouth open and said "my God that is beautiful".

To each his own.


---- Richard Ewald <richard.ewald at gmail.com> wrote: 

There was a reason it has been called "greatest *crumpet catcher* ever
known to man" and I don't think it was because the styling was an acquired

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Oudesluys <coudesluijs at chello.nl> wrote:

> I am afraid I am not the only one. Funnily enough they had made the same
> mistake a few years earlier with the Jaguar MkI which was hastily
> superseded by the MkII. Although in a different league the Italians did a
> lot better. The best thing about the E-type was its rear suspension and its

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