[Healeys] fuel gauge calibration

Chris Dimmock austin.healey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 07:09:12 MST 2013

Hi John,
Before you head down the path of recalibrating your gauge, humor me.
Undo the sender unit from the tank, and lift it up a few inches. See if the
float at the bottom of the arm is resting at the rear of the car, or towards
the front.
(Optional: Now crawl under your car, and note that the curved 'sump' that the
float is supposed to sit in when the tank is empty, is at the front of the
Where is the float resting?
On the flat tank bottom, or in the curved lower 'sump'.
It should be in the sump.
There are a million sender units out there. All look the same - check
Float should be in the curved sump (at the front of the car) not on the flat
bottom of the tank.
Does the Gauge work now??
No?? Proceed with all the other advice.....

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On 07/11/2013, at 5:27 PM, john spaur <jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> There have been quite a few posts on this issue but none seem to really
solve the problem. When I first owned an Austin-Healey it was 6 years old and
the gauge was fairly accurate as I recall.
> The gauge on the healey was professionally calibrated but it was way off,
tending to stick at the full side and then rapidly dropping down to near
empty. Recently I calibrated it by removing the sender and adjusting the gauge
on the bench but it still sticks toward the full side. When the tank is below
1/2 it will start to read towards the 1/2 and 1/4 marks.
> What's the issue with getting the gauge to read more accurately? I think it
may have to do with the coils and magnet alignment. I think the coils may be
out of plumb (due to bending of the case at the nut attachment) which causes
the magnet to be too close to the armature assembly.
> Has anyone investigated this? Has anyone been able to get their gauge to
read more accurately?
> John Spaur
> '

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